Ocelots as Pets: Why You Should Give It A Second Thought (It will eat your face)

The ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) also known as dwarf leopard is a wild cat but they can become domesticated. It is similar in appearance to the domestic cat although its fur resembles a jaguar or leopard herunterladen. Mostly located in South Africa, Central America, and Mexico the ocelot has been seen as far north as southern Texas and rarely Arizona. If your thinking about buying an ocelot take this into consideration first herunterladen. Ocelots are mostly nocturnal and very territorial. It will fight ferociously and even to the death in territorial disputes so make sure it has enough space to feel secure and to marks it territory, by urine ltspice download kostenlos. Like most felines, it is solitary only meeting to mate but if bought with a sibling they get along . Its important to have the correct terrain such as dense foliage or trees for them to rest in during the day free puzzle. Males occupy territories of 1.4 to 18 sq miles and females occupy smaller overlapping territories of 0.31 to 5.8 sq miles. The ocelot eats smaller animals such as lizards, turtles, frogs, crabs, birds and fish hoe website. They use their keen sense of smell to follow odor trails and its night vision to catch prey. The average size for an ocelot is 18 to 40 pounds and 27 to 39 inches calibri schriftart herunterladen. How To Buy a Pet Ocelot

Buying an ocelot as a pet is difficult and you must first check if its legal in your area and if you can look after it properly htc apps herunterladen. They also cost a hefty sum of money and this decision is not to be made lightly. It can also scratch and bite owners and it often sprays people and furniture to mark as their territory sky go app mac herunterladen. There have been several people whom have had success in raising affectionate ocelots but keep in mind they are wild animals, which are unpredictable. Hopefully this has given you the information you need kleiderkreisel zum herunterladen. Most importantly lets all be respectful to mother natures creations.?