Alta MINI Cooper Hot Side Turbo Boost Tube / Muffler Delete Pipe / Test Pipe Install

My friend sent me an electric turbo / electric supercharger. It appears to be a Bilge Pump, not something I would install in my car. But based on the rated CFM it might actually work. I had asked people if I should install it and I eventually did.

MINI Cooper Hot Side Boost Tube
This is a quick easy, reasonably cheap upgrade that could be done with only a flat head screw driver. Making your daily driver more fun with better fuel economy and faster 0 to 60. The MPG gains won’t be huge, but if your car breathes better it goes faster and gets more miles to the gallon.

About the Product:
In many cases MINI takes steps to help hide the true soul of a turbo. The boost tubing is no exception. MINI engineers attempted to remove some turbo and boost noise by placing of all things a muffler in the boost tubing. In the same fashion as an exhaust muffler is restrictive to performance, so is this! ALTA product designers created a simple, attractive way to remove the this muffler and increase performance.

The ALTA Turbo Hot Side Boost Tube replaces the restrictive plastic and rubber OEM piece with a 5-ply silicone, fiber reinforced tube. With a mirror smooth interior surface, larger diameter and tapered transitions, you get a dramatic decrease in restriction and turbulence.

By removing the muffler you get a nice mellow tone to the turbo and a leap forward in power. The silicone hose is restriction free with its smooth surfaces and larger internal volume.

With the features listed above you get much better boost response and more horsepower! According to Alta’s Dyno Charts you get 10 WHP and10 Ft-Lbs Torque.