Local Ads And SEM for Small Business, Bigger Organizations And Using YouTube To Promote Also With SEO

As a Small business SEM is about targeting. The problem most first time SEM clients have is that they spend too much rather than picking a laser focused approach, and only expanding their potential spend after they have confirmed what is working.

SEO and SEM play a different role for large organizations than it does for small business. The way you use Search Engine Marketing as a Large enterprise is often as a means to maintain brand awareness and to prevent brand squatting.
Search Engine Optimization as a large organization becomes about not having to spend money on SEM. This is sometimes hard to track but is where the largest gains in SEO often come from. Watch the video here!

As a small or local business it is hard to get traffic to your website, but YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, and video results often show up in Google Search results. Using YouTube as a way to promote your small or local business is a great way to get traffic, and build relationships with local celebrities. Watch the video here!