Is A Scam? My Experience with Sub4Sub

I spent money with Sub4Sub mostly to see if it would work well for clients. If you are a content producer, you likely get the spam for in your inbox several times a day.

My experience with was not good. They under delivered and continuously made excuses.

If you are looking to increase your subscriber count this is not a service I would consider.

I consider buying subs like using advertising. If the cost matches the return, it is worth doing.

I don’t? want fake subs. I thought I would get people who were also content creators, and since some of my content is about content creation and SEO it seemed like they might be worth while. but fake subs have no value.

I looked in to this, the subs aren’t “Real” they are just nice looking accounts that all they do is sub to people all day. I’m really only interested in real subs who move the numbers on my views. 100k subs who? don’t watch anything aren’t worth anything to me.