Leave the Wifi Off When Flying


I remember when I saw the first advertisements for in-flight wifi canon bilder von kamera herunterladen. People applauded and cheered. I still see tweets from people complaining when they get on a flight and it doesn’t have it.

Recently I was flying out to BlogWorld and some of my fellow companions on the flight were shocked to learn that I hadn’t logged in during the six hour journey youtube untertitel datei herunterladen. It was then that I explained to them why I don’t do it.

As a workshifter, it is in our DNA to always be connected. While we may mentally unplug to do some activities, the refresh button on our Twitter stream or inbox is a quick click away and most of us are a slave to it google street view for free german.

I look at a flight as a block of completely uninterrupted time that I can do whatever I want with. I’m usually traveling alone and thus have the flight to my own thoughts and goals herunterladen.

Things I usually do with this magic time:

Catch up on email

I download my mail before boarding. I’ll respond to those e-mails that I’ve been neglecting as well as file things that have been sitting in my inbox Download angry birds for free. When I land and reconnect everything syncs up.

Write a few blog posts

We all have those topics we’ve been meaning to write about, but for some reason never get around to kostenlos schnell legal musik downloaden. I try to write a few of these while I’m in the air. Having no distractions means I can focus better than when sitting at my desk.


We all should be making the time to read every day, but even as I type this I’m laughing at myself since I always seem to forget this games without play store. My Kindle is full of books that I want to get to and I’ve always got a stack of magazines I want to read. I try to make sure that on any flight I take at least some of it to read a bit alle pdfs einer seite herunterladen. I’ve never heard anyone say they read too much.

Pure relaxation

On a flight this means watching a movie or television show. When was the last time you watched something without a laptop or phone nearby automatically files via ftp? Trust me, that this will do a world of good for you (especially on a long flight).

I’d love to hear from others out there. Am I the only one who enjoys being disconnected while flying herunterladen?