Teachers Learn to Use Technology with Students

‘Train the Trainer’ Approach Helps Teachers Engage Technology for Learning


shelleyshottsitting.jpgAs a former middle school science teacher, Intel Teach global K-12 education manager Shelley Shott (second from left) has hands-on classroom experience. (Flickr photo)

Technology is now common in many classrooms, but teachers don’t always know how to use hi-tech to improve student learning herunterladen. To help close that gap Intel began offering a Teach to the Future course in 1999 that supports teachers with integrating technology into their lessons to prepare students to collaborate, communicate, think critically and solve problems. Twenty students were in the first course 12 years ago. Since then, the Intel Teach program has evolved to offer a portfolio of courses for both K-12 and higher education and has trained more than 10 million teachers in 70 countries herunterladen.


As the global K-12 education manager, Shelley Shott brings real classroom experience to the Intel Teach strategy that she and her team develop and implement. Before joining Intel in 2005, she taught middle school for 12 years. That hands-on perspective informs her perspective on the on the challenges and opportunities of being a classroom teacher in an era where tech is high and budgets are often low herunterladen. Recently, Schott discussed the importance of shifting from a teacher-centered to a student-centered classroom and how technology can help enhance students’ 21st century skills.


What is Intel Teach?


Intel Teach is a portfolio of teacher professional development programs that help teachers integrate technology into the classroom and encourage them to move from a teacher-centered classroom to a student-centered one for free van netflix.


Do the programs focus on technology?


The focus is integration of technology using the school’s curriculum. [The programs] don’t write content or teach teachers or students how to use a mouse. The focus is on the pedagogy, integrating technology and enhancing 21st century skills tiptoi book.


What needs do these programs fill?


School districts and states don’t always create their own teacher-professional development. It is very expensive and time-consuming. Depending on where you are, it is sometimes cheaper to bring in an outside entity. Our stuff is free. It doesn’t cost anything for the curriculum itself herunterladen der creative cloud desktop-applikation. That is a huge savings right there.


We use a “train the trainer” model — they use their people once we’ve trained them. We’re offering them something that would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop.


We always have third-party research on our programs how to download fortnite on samsung. This allows us to improve them as well as go to a government and show them that it is research-based, evaluated program.


How do you see the pros and cons of technology in the classroom?


[Technology] is a blessing because it allows so many things schriftart herunterladen adobe. If I was a kid in the classroom today I could collaborate with other kids across the world, I could ask experts things. Before, I may have had a textbook that is 7 years old and out of date.


When I was teaching about the solar system and water on the moon, 2 days before in the paper I saw they discovered water on the moon v&g planen. Of course, the textbook said there was no water on the moon. Let’s get them to have all the same resources as every other kid in this city, state and country has. Let’s make it fair. Let’s let these kids succeed also.


[Technology] is also a curse if it is used in the old manner of teaching such as memorizing and spitting back or copying and pasting op chromebook.



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