What is your craziest Workshifting story?

DesktopImprov - Starbucks.jpeg

In my “workshifting career”, I’ve done some interesting things, including:

  • Workshifting from a busy pub during a World Cup semifinal game (I hated being “that guy” but I had a client deliverable due that day.)
  • Workshifting from a White Sox baseball game at U.S. Cellular Field (technically I wasn’t really working, I was drafting my fantasy football team but I was remote and connected.)
  • Sprinting in-between terminals carrying my open laptop during a quick layover at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, all the while hoping that I wouldn’t lose wifi service (I didn’t) so the document I was working on would send (it did) and trying to make my connection (I did, barely).

I was reminded of these crazy workshifting stories when a friend sent me this YouTube video last weekend. Hint: keep an eye out for Aubrey Plaza, a.k.a. April from NBC’s Parks and Recreation.

OK, your turn. What’s your craziest workshifting story?