Finding Success On Etsy: Evangelina’s Closet

What have you built in the last year?

My friend Nikki Sattler Case is a great online marketer. While many people are excited that Etsy has made their hobby pay for itself, Nikki has made Evangelina’s Closet a legitimate business.

What separates Nikki from all those crafters who just support their habit with their Etsy stores? Market research, revision, and social media marketing. Nikki does a fantastic job making revisions to her products and product lines to meet consumer requests. She also is active in many forums which helps drive traffic. She pays attention to analytics to know which places she is spending time is driving how many sales.

I really wish that this Writer turned artisan would write a book about how to go from zero to success in your first year on Etsy, not because I think it is a great book for crafters, but because it is a story of success that a Jim Kukral or Gary V. or even a Robert Scoble can’t rival. They all had success over years in fields they had in roads in. Nikki built her business from nothing more than a good deal on a heat press and the desire to make it work.

Nikki is my online marketing / business founder hero. I tell her that I’d love to invest so that we can take over the crafting world she tells me I will have to achieve world domination with someone else.
Check out her store, understand that her stuff isn’t for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be. She knows who her niche is, and how to extract money from them. That’s what makes a business successful.

Evangelina’s Closet

All of our t-shirt and tote bag designs are commercial grade heat transfers applied with a commercial heat press, not a clothes iron and inkjet transfer. We offer infant, childrens and adult sizes. Our framed art combines upcycled frames, paper cutting and vintage paper ephemera for a unique design…