Supporting School Lunches and Getting Kicked Out of Target

Yes, the security at the Target did just ask me to leave. Yes, I was heckling the petitioners in front of the store. Yes I may have called a pregnant lady an idiot, rather loudly. And Yes her husband may have threatened to hit me. And yes I may have told him he shouldn’t make threats of violence where people can hear it because it will give me plenty of room to claim self defense when I lay him flat…
That said…..
School lunch. The Lady at the target with her baby inside her and her husband, were “petitioning” in front of the Target. They claim their son developed diabetes because of the School lunch program and they were petitioning to have the lunch calorie count limited to 300 calories.
I pointed out that maybe she should consider that it was as much what he ate at home, as the lunch program, and that for many kids who only get 1 meal a day and that meal comes from the school lunch program that 300 calories is not enough to live on. That her son could just eat less, but those kids can’t “just eat more.”
This escalated to her telling me I shouldn’t tell her how to raise her kid.
To which I responded that if she could tell me how to raise my kids by forcing them to have less to eat, that certainly I should be able tell her to teach her kid portion control and that he didn’t have to eat all the food on the plate, or he could even ask for less food.
To this she simply walked away and started explaining her cause to other people.
I simply stood next to her and explained to people who were about to sign her sheet that she was an idiot, and that many kids only get one meal a day and by signing this you were taking food from their mouths.
She then called her husband, who began to stand between me and the Target guests she was petitioning.
This attracted the Security guard.
When I was barred from standing near the people she was petitioning by the very large, 350 pound husband I took to explaining my side loudly enough you couldn’t not hear my side.
This is when the Husband told me he was going to “haul me to my car bloodied If I didn’t stop”.
I may or may not have called the security guard closer to ask if he had heard that, and if he thought the threat was real. upon him confirming that it sounded real I asked, “So if I were to break his jaw right now you think it would be self defense”
At this point we were all asked to leave.
I asked to speak to the manager, and told her that I would leave quietly, and not sue the man who threatened me, or get a court order for her security tapes, if she agreed not to let this idiot or anyone supporting the same cause in front of the store again.
She agreed, and I left.