Month: May 2013

Big Data Mining For Qualitative Factors

Or that I would want an employer to have all the metrics I can extract, but for things like scouring the Enron emails for witnesses that would be sympathetic and willing to testify it could be amazing. For monitoring people with depression to make sure they aren’t getting worse it seems like it would be worth the privacy invasion.

Frontend and Backend or UI and Application?

Take Call Of Duty for an example.

For our TLDR Plugin for chrome we started out using Readability.JS and when that needed tweaks we ended up moving to server side readability. But before that, much of the Backend logic that we had been using for our search engine was being put in to the client ported from Python to JavaScript.

Managing Burnout

And you can run for a while at over 100% but not indefinitely.

The task of a good manager is to run an employee up to the point of the Mental limits and make sure all those other limits are at 5% so they can maximize the employee output. Every time you push the employee at 150% for 2 days, you need to let them recover at 75% for 4 days.