Rainbow Loom 2.0 Review: How to make a triple diamond bracelet

There is a second generation Rainbow Loom that includes a couple of new features. What can be said about the Original 2.0 Rainbow Loom? Plenty, of course! This is rainbow loom metal hooka great starter kit for anyone who is interested in making unique bracelets, rings and other fun gifts. The Original 2.0 Rainbow Loom is an all-inclusive kit with a loom, metal hook tool (not the crappy plastic one from before), instructions, secret code and multicolored rubber bands. For under $20, the Original Rainbow Loom is worth the price in durability alone. The loom itself is made of high quality plastic making for a durable design. The three piece construction is removable which allows it to become interchangeable; this is great for  creating different design patterns and if you have more than one Rainbow Loom you can extend it to make even more. Even the construction of the pegs is sturdy and user friendly. They have grooves in them to ensure that the high quality rubber bands do not slide off, which makes it so much easier when using the Rainbow Loom hook tool. rainbow loom system

The new updated version, 2.0 Rainbow Loom, comes with a new metal hook tool, instead of the plastic one. The metal hook tool is durable and makes moving the rubber bands much easier.  The Rainbow Loom does come with a starter set amount of rubber bands in a variety of fun colors to mix and match to create the perfect bracelet or ring. When you buy an Official Rainbow Loom, you do get a secret code that allows you to access more tutorials on how to make rainbow loom jewelry, which makes the purchase a double win. The online instructions are easy to follow and offers immense variety. I was even so excited about making things I created an Instructable showing how to make a triple diamond bracelet. The Rainbow Loom allows creativity and imagination to really take hold and allow you to create plenty of cool bracelets, rings and gifts. It was fun making bracelets and rings for my family and friends. It does not take long before you’ve realized you’ve spend hours making unique gifts. It is great entertainment for all ages and will definitely keep everyone busy and having a great, fun time. Craft time has really never been so fun or creative as with the Rainbow Loom.

Pick up a Rainbow Loom on Amazon, and then head over to Instructables to get inspired (by me or lots of others).