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Black Manta Chief Villain in Aquaman

Black manta is amongst the chief villains in the justice mini series of Jim Krueger and Alex Ross. It was aired on 2005-2006 season. Voiced by Ted Knight Black manta was featured as a villain on cartoon Aquaman. He also Read More

Seattle biomedical research institute policy to combat malaria

The malaria has become a serious problem over the years especially in the Asian and the African countries. The disease kills over million each year.  A lot of the victims amongst them are children. Seattle biomedical research institute has come Read More

Eve Carson tragic death of the president of student’s body of university of North Carolina.

The death news of Eve Carson, president of the student’s body of the North Carolina University has been shocking for the students. Carson had been shot in the neighborhood of the university campus. The university students had gathered on Thursday Read More

Grand Canyon flooding political gimmick or environment saver?

The waterfall of Grand Canyon is a marvel of nature and it draws a lot of tourists all over the globe. However, a controlled Grand Canyon flooding that is scheduled to take place has caused much uproar. It has created Read More

Lisa Niemi Patrick Swayze wife in grief after cancer discovery

It is quite shocking to see how the yesteryear stars who lived in the limelight in their prime time fall prey to the paws of time and misfortune. Not only the stars have to suffer in these cases, but it Read More

Tank Williams the dark horse of NFL

It is quite amusing to observe that some players are gifted with a peculiar nickname due to their playing prowess and people start referring them by that name instead of the original one. Such an example is Cleven Williams. This Read More

1997 Lemelson-MIT Prize goes to the inventor of Mouse

Every nation has its own way of rewarding the outstanding achievers in various academic and professional fields and the USA is not an exception. The country has some prestigious Awards that recognize talents in the field of science, technology and Read More the search for best beef ends here

Food lovers of the USA usually like burger and beef over other items and for getting the best item in the market many of them are willing to dole out a few more dollars. A Boston based restaurant named Radius Read More

Sheryl Sandburg Moves to Facebook Google Fumes

 You must have seen that the concept of social online networking has taken the world by storm. People from all age group, religion and country are using this form of networking and building communities for catering to their own needs. Read More

Nancy Ritter death controversy of John Ritter

 Nancy Ritter, the former wife of John Ritter went through a terrible time as her husband fought with death. The death trial according to Nancy Ritter was not justified. The proceedings of the events eventually lead to John Ritter’s death Read More