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Guide to Installing IPCop Firewall on Linux

This Guide will walk you through how to install a firewall on linux using IPCop   What is IPCop The IPCop project is a GNU/GPL open source project that offers an exceptional feature packed  stand alone firewall to the internet Read More

How To Install WordPress and Get Started with your Own Blog

This guide will walk you through how to install wordpress.  It includes illustrations where useful, and links to everything you should need to get started. 1 Manual Installation 1.1 Getting The Code First go to From here you can Read More

Directv2PC Watching DVR from your PC (and some trouble shooting hints)

So I got DirecTV2PC working on almost all of the computers in my house, but not with out some effort, so I thought I’d quickly crank out a review. DirecTV2PC is a media extender which talks to your DirecTV HD Read More

Katie Holmes is the Anti-Michael Jackson thanks to Purif

Michael Jackson has been criticized for lightening his skin, but Katie Holmes is a bit darker this week, as the result of a reaction to the Hypervitaminosis which often results from Purif.  Purif is the "cleansing ritual" or Scientology’s Purification Read More

Friend Connect

Google is introducing a Web site tool called Friend Connect today that promises to extend the reach of social networks such as Facebook to any site that wants to use the tool. That’s right, now when I Google your name Read More

Running Windows 2008 Server as the Ultimate Desktop OS, on my Asus Laptop

I decided I was going to run Windows 2008 Server on my Asus G2S Laptop. Not just any version, but the full blown 64bit version with Hyper-V. I found the experience Amazing. My Laptop runs much faster, and is rock Read More

Windows 98 Optimization Guide (Tricks Tips and Tweaks)

Windows 98 Optimization Guide: This tweak guide was written for advanced users. Smart users, who change one of these settings at a time, will find it useful… Those of you, who change all of these settings and then reboot, will Read More

Google Apps, Ajax Windows, Silverlight and Software as a Service (SAS)

Greg Sterling posted about Microsoft’s response to CapGemini rallying behind Google Apps. Microsoft responded to the announcement of CapGemini support for Google Apps yesterday with a statement and a list of questions about Google Apps for the Enterprise — or Read More

I Can Build the Next YouTube Guaranteed Not to Have Copyright Violating Videos, But who would watch it?

Using tools that are already in my bag of tricks I could pretty easily ensure that copyrighted material would not stay on a video service, and detect copyrighted material before the copyright holder found it and asked me to remove Read More