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Local Ads And SEM for Small Business, Bigger Organizations And Using YouTube To Promote Also With SEO

As a Small business SEM is about targeting. The problem most first time SEM clients have is that they spend too much rather than picking a laser focused approach, and only expanding their potential spend after they have confirmed what Read More

What is SEO? Introduction For Content Producers #SEO

Introduction For Content Producers #SEO | What is SEO? Search engine optimizers may offer SEO as a stand-alone service or as a part of a broader marketing campaign. Effective work of the San Antonio SEO company may require changes to the HTML source code of a site and site content, SEO tactics may be incorporated into website development and design.

How to Use YouTube Insights To Get More Views And Subscribers To Your Channel

Growing your YouTube channel requires understanding what your audience likes, and where your views come from.Using Insights you can see which of your content is getting the most views so that you can make more content that resonates with your Read More

Is Your Brand Advertising On Porn Sites? Buying On AdRoll? You Might Not Even Know

While investigating click fraud on a client’s behalf I discovered that they weren’t being defrauded exactly, just that they were advertising places they didn’t realize. It’s not that the client did anything wrong. Just that by advertising with a less Read More