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Being more productive or kicking bad habits

Managing Burnout

And you can run for a while at over 100% but not indefinitely.

The task of a good manager is to run an employee up to the point of the Mental limits and make sure all those other limits are at 5% so they can maximize the employee output. Every time you push the employee at 150% for 2 days, you need to let them recover at 75% for 4 days.

How to Use YouTube Insights To Get More Views And Subscribers To Your Channel

Growing your YouTube channel requires understanding what your audience likes, and where your views come from.Using Insights you can see which of your content is getting the most views so that you can make more content that resonates with your Read More

Shiny New Penny

The U.S. Mint has unveiled the release of a new penny during a ceremony at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library.                The shiny new penny has a redesigned reverse for the US One Cent Piece. The coin features a union shield Read More