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SPRAMS and other Abstinence only Sex Education Programs Don’t Work

Disturbed. Shocked. Angry. I actually busted out the highlighter and underlined stuff. First off, I know from my own research that abstinence only programs do not work. Second, I hate that politicians actually believe that throwing money at these types Read More

The Moral, Social, and Historical Views of Unmarried Cohabitation

Family living and intimate partnerships have been known to vary since the earliest days of man’s existence. These relationships had various effects on the societies in which they existed, as they either affected them negatively or positively. Some societies had Read More Using Social Engineering and Jessica Simpson Masks to Win Football Games

I absolutely love the idea.  Tony Romo can’t seem to concentrate with girl friend Jessica Simpson around, so is giving you Jessica Simpson Masks  to make certain Jessica is every where he looks. Download Your Jessica Mask here While Read More