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Pay Day Loans Shouldn’t Be Legal: Why Pawn Shops And Vehicle Title Loans Are Better Options

Then they charge an interest rate on top of that. While payday loans are pretty standardized, a pawn broker and vehicle title loan broker is likely to give you a better valuation if you look like you are going to pay the loan back, than they would if you look like you are about to go back to prison before the first payment is due.

TOE to TOE: KillerNic Vs. Alacritech’s 1000×1 Server and Storage Accelerator

I saw a BigFoot KillerNic ( in the Microcenter the other day, and wondered how good it really was, so I bought it figuring if it sucked I could return it.  It did, and I did. I put the KillerNic Read More

Neil Leifer: Ballet in the Dirt: Baseball photography of the 1960s and 70s (Hardcover)

Nostalgic for a time when Baseball wasn’t all about performance enhancing drugs?  When it was still a metaphor for what life should be.  If you hurry you can still get one of the 1000 limited copies of Ballet in the Read More