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Best out of 7. Sally Kern Says Gays Are Worse Than Terrorists, but we aren’t so sure

I guess worse could be used multiple ways, like “If you are looking for ways to overthrow a government Gays are worse than terrorists”, but if you are an Oklahoma Legislator, you’d think that most of the things Terrorists do Read More

Stephen Colbert for President in 2008 only if He Pries the Inaugural Bible From My Cold Dead Hands

After Stephen Colbert tried to defeat me in the race for the title of Greatest Living American, and failed, how does he expect that I am going to concede my birth right to be President to him?  Sure he is Read More

Video Conference from Windows Mobile

Now you can video conference while Driving!!!!   I photo blogged once while driving… video conferencing seems slightly riskier.   I’m going to get Jake to install it as I have no phone capable of such shenanigans… if you do you can Read More

Nike Won’t Mess with Texas

Recently Nike added the option to custom create your own version of the Nike Air Turbulence. At first I was impressed with the ability to create my own shoe with custom color combinations from awesome to ugly. While the color Read More