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Everyone who has linked to my Root Page, Thanks

Akimbo, Dot Gone Playing Xbox Live over Google WiFi While Driving 30Boxes team launches Facebook Ad Exchange Galan Bridgman Home Page Sneak Past Blockers the Ninja Way, Visit Facebook … Zoey One-O-Win Sweepstakes! Read More

ZillionTV Digital and Online Marketing Manager Position

Position: Digital/Online Marketing Manager ZillionTV Corporation (, headquartered in Santa Clara, is developing a next-generation consumer television service which will change TV as you know it.  We are currently seeking experienced talent to be a part of our rapidly growing Read More

ZillionTV PR Manager Position

If you hadn’t noticed I’m consumed with ZillionTV stuff at the moment, and many of you still aren’t flooding me with resumes! So get your stuff sent, there are more positions that what I’m even showing but here is another Read More

New Look

I tweaked the look of the site, and I think it is the best to date.  It also should load faster, and I like the background. This version also uses less PNG’s which were causing problems for some people with Read More Launched! A truly Hybrid Search / Research Engine went live last night.  The front page is ugly, I don’t have as many human edited pages as I would like, but it is day one, and this is the first step.  In the coming days you will start Read More

Facebook Censors Firearms Training Ad, XYHD and Uncensor it

When I heard that had rejected an ad from arguably the best Firearms Training course in the US, I contacted Ignatius Piazza, Front Sight’s Founder, and offered to run his ad on for free. I think people Read More