Christopher Rouse: The musical genius

If you have an ear for music then you must be choosy about music composers. One of the most eminent music composers in the USA is Christopher Rouse. I bet you must know him if you have an ear for Read More

SchoolsOut.com The Place to Find out about School Closings, and Snow Days

Schoolsout.com offers alerts for parents to let them know when there are County School Closings, or Snow Days.  If you Register with Schools Out.com they will send you e-mails or Text messages to let you know when school won't be Read More

Autism, ADHD, and the Silicon Valley Savant Syndrome (Asperger’s syndrome)

Asperger’s Syndrome has a lot of names, but the symptoms are the same, bright and intelligent children with social anxiety bordering on anti-social behavior that amaze and astound in so many math, spatial relations, or music fields but have trouble Read More

Avenue Q Review – The Best Simulated Muppet Sex I have seen since I was in grade school

Avenue Q is not for everyone.  While most of the songs have an overall good message, like “Everyone’s just a little bit racist”, and “Sucks to be me” , other songs like “The Internet is for Porn” might not resonate with Read More