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Hulu Vs Amazon Prime Instant Unlimited Streaming

w34.us Amazon Instant Video For Prime Members offers tons of free video. Unlike Hulu it has ShoTime and BBC programs. This makes is a great supplement to my Online TV Watching but to get the best selection of Free Movies Read More

Interview With UI Developer Joseph Schmidt

Joseph Schmidt is dedicated to the production of clean, functional code with creative, stylish graphics to form an effective user interface. Joseph has a broad range of Internet technologies under his belt working with new JavaScript libraries, AS3, and various Read More

Kirkwood Shooting Kills 6 and wounds 2

In a Kirkwood Shooting, (MO)A gunman (Charles Lee Thonton) killed five and wounded two others in a city council meeting near St Louis, Missouri, before being shot dead by police. St Louis County Police spokeswoman Tracy Panus told AFP that Read More

BBC picketed over use of Microsoft DRM

Cory Doctorow: The DefectiveByDesign folks picketed outside of the BBC last week to protest the Beeb’s adoption of Microsoft DRM for their Internet TV service, iPlayer. The BBC has chosen to webcast its programming under a set of restrictions that Read More

MPAA 110% of Camcorder Recorded Pirated Movies Come From North America.

Warner Brothers stopped offering pre-release movie screenings in Canada because that is where 70% of movies pirated by camcorder come from.  Two Weeks ago The Motion Picture Association of America said more than 40 percent of bootlegged films are secretly Read More

I wasn’t Avoiding Jonah

Jonah left a comment for me which reads: “I would think that even with your new found celebrity status, or because of it, you would have found the time write a post thanking the San Francisco SEO company that was Read More