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How To Lead Orienteering

What is Orienteering?: Discussion Info: What is Orienteering?: Orienteering is finding your way using a map and a compass. Orienteering is a popular sport throughout the world, especially in Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland), and is now starting to catch Read More

StickManSteve.com pokes fun at celebs and political figures in the spotlight

A new comedy Web site called StickManSteve.com pokes fun at celebs and political figures in the spotlight.   (PRWEB) February 28, 2008 – An edgy cartoon stickman named Stickman Steve utilizes cutting humor to poke fun at public figures at Read More

www.PlayRealBaseball.com Cal Ripken’s Play Real Baseball

World of Warcraft meets ESPN in Cal Ripken’s Play Real Baseball.com  The site is a MMO for sports fans. Recent changes to the software are preventing Player Enhancements from Software hacks.  It would appear even online baseball is not immune Read More

Eggtown Television Series Greggory Nation

The Eggtown, which is the fourth episode taken from the dramatical television series Lost happens to be one of my favorites. Greggory Nation, the script coordinator and Elizabeth Sarnoff, the supervising producer wrote the serial together. It was broadcasted on Read More

Knight rider theme song updated for the new Series

Knight Rider TV show was unanimously one of the most popular T.V shows of America. Sometimes it does happen that a specific T.V show gained popularity within a few days of its release because of sheer luck, Knight Rider was Read More

alaskaair.com/jenn Alaska Airlines Introduce Jenn Your Virtual Assistant

Not quite a Virtual Girl Friend, and not as cute as Ms. Dewey, Jenn ( alaskaair.com/jenn ) will help answer your questions about Air Travel on Alaska Airlines. She doesn’t seem to be interested in dating. Some Sample conversation: You Read More

Puzzle with a Poker Twist – "Poker Smash" Launches on Xbox LIVE Arcade this Wednesday along with a Free Gameplay Update for "Crystal Quest"

Newcomer Void Star Creations, an Independent developer based in South Carolina, takes the puzzle game genre to a whole new level with “Poker Smash,” an action packed puzzler with a poker twist! In “Poker Smash,” players rush to clear rows Read More

French sf podcast: Utopod

Cory Doctorow: And now an unpaid plug for Utopod, a kick-ass French-language sf podcast, from editors Lucas Moreno and and Marc Tiefenauer. Utopod is a new podcast (or rather a literature podzine) that provides its listeners with readings of science Read More

MPAA 110% of Camcorder Recorded Pirated Movies Come From North America.

Warner Brothers stopped offering pre-release movie screenings in Canada because that is where 70% of movies pirated by camcorder come from.  Two Weeks ago The Motion Picture Association of America said more than 40 percent of bootlegged films are secretly Read More

BBR for Xbox Live Arcade

Double B’s are not near as much as Double D’s  If you invite your hot asian girl friend over to show her how you have the moves…. Don’t show her this or she will laugh at your sorry…. and leave Read More

Nike Won’t Mess with Texas

Recently Nike added the option to custom create your own version of the Nike Air Turbulence. At first I was impressed with the ability to create my own shoe with custom color combinations from awesome to ugly. While the color Read More