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CloudSleuth.Net Cloud Performance Tests Are Not Helpful In Enterprise Deployment Planning

www.cloudsleuth.net released a report about the fastest cloud platforms that is pretty much a waste of time to read. Jon Brodkin’s artictle on Ars Technica is an even bigger waste of time to read because he makes some claims that Read More

Systems Thinking and Models for Business Dynamics

A System is basically a collection of parts (or subsystems) which are integrated to accomplish an overall goal (a system of people is an organization). Systems have inputs, processes, outputs and outcomes, with ongoing feedback among these various parts. If Read More

MIX UK: the talks, the interviews and the swag!

by Kevin Pfister For those that were wondering, MIX UK is a premier web designer and developer event to find out about new technologies and software solutions and how to use them to create rich media experiences. Apart from the Read More

Learn about education and scholarships in the Computer and Information technology industry

Are you interested in learning about the computer and information technology industry? opportunities for furthering your education? common pitfalls students make in completing their scholarship applications? how to put scholarship applications ahead of the competition? If so, come to FREE Read More

Google, Microsoft and Apple building online storage havens: you win (Jacqui Cheng/Ars Technica)

Google, Microsoft and Apple building online storage havens: you win  —  Cloud computing is still far off, but Microsoft and Google are both eagerly working on “cloud storage” solutions in the hopes that you’ll start keeping more and more of Read More