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Metaplace Unveiled: Raph Koster Brings Virtual World To The Web

Call it Second Life on the web, call it an MMO markup language, call it the most powerful open-standards, web-driven game platform ever made public — however you end up describing it, we finally have the main details to go Read More

Epidemiologists learn from World of Warcraft plague

Cory Doctorow: From Lancet’s Infectious Disease Journal, a paper from epidemiologists on modelling the spread of disease based on an accidental “plague” in World of Warcraft: A new villain, a winged serpent called Hakkar, originally designed as a challenge for Read More

Theses from MIT’s Comparative Media Studies program

Cory Doctorow: The graduate theses of MIT’s Comparative Media Studies program are now online. CMS is taught by super academic-fan Henry Jenkins, guru of all things fan-theoretical. I once spent a mind-blowing day at his program, meeting super-smart people seriously Read More

Opening up the American lawbooks

Cory Doctorow: From copyfightin’ law Tim Wu and government info liberator Carl Malamud comes these two pieces of news about the future of the American legal code: Carl sez, “Public.Resource.Org released a gigapixel ‘photograph’ of 1000 pages of U.S. case Read More

BBC picketed over use of Microsoft DRM

Cory Doctorow: The DefectiveByDesign folks picketed outside of the BBC last week to protest the Beeb’s adoption of Microsoft DRM for their Internet TV service, iPlayer. The BBC has chosen to webcast its programming under a set of restrictions that Read More

Cory’s column on Hollywood’s remake of the Napster Wars

Cory Doctorow: In my latest column for Information Week, I talk about the Hollywood attempt to re-create the Napster Wars, suing all the funded, legit companies that want to do Internet video, like YouTube. When the record companies did this Read More

CBC blogging policy isn’t their policy

Cory Doctorow: An exec at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has publicly disclaimed the controversial “blogging guidelines” that leaked last week, saying that they are only a draft. Last week, I posted about an internal memo on blogging policy at the Read More

Scool boards: The Internet is safe and we should use it more

Cory Doctorow: National School Boards Association (a nonprofit that represents 95,000 US school-board members) did a comprehensive study of students’ experiences with the Internet, especially with social networking sites. They determined that the much-touted risk of online stalkers and predators Read More