Recipes for Confections

CONFECTIONS “Sweet meats, messengers of strong prevailment in an unhardenedyouth.”                                                        –SHAKESPEARE lieder kaufen und downloaden. TO BLANCH ALMONDS. Put them into cold water, and allow it to come to a boiling point;then remove the skins, and throw them into cold Read More

Recipes for Vegetables

VEGETABLES. “Cheerful cooks make every dish a feast.”                                                          –MASSINGER. Always have the water boiling when you put your vegetables in, andkeep it constantly boiling until they are done.  Cook each kind byitself when convenient.  All vegetables should be well seasoned. Read More

Recipes with Meats

MEATS. “What say you to a piece of beef and mustard?”                                                        –SHAKESPEARE. ACCOMPANIMENTS.  MRS. DELL DE WOLFE. With roast beef, tomato sauce, grated horseradish, mustard, cranberrysauce, pickles. With roast pork, apple sauce and cranberry sauce. With roast veal, tomato sauce, Read More