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Spotify a Legal P2P Music Service, if you don’t live in the US

Spotify is a new P2P Streaming Music Service, from the creators of uTorrrent.  The Free-Ad Supported service is only available to those in the UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Spain and France detect and videos. The service seems to have a Read More

How To Lead Orienteering

What is Orienteering?: Discussion Info: What is Orienteering?: Orienteering is finding your way using a map and a compass. Orienteering is a popular sport throughout the world, especially in Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland), and is now starting to catch Read More

Capturing more light for solar cells by ‘taming the physics’

iphone images from icloud To increase the efficiency of solar cells and potentially shrink manufacturing costs, Oulu, Finland-based optoelectronic materials supplier Braggone has unveiled a materials-based approach to capturing more light for power bus simulator 2012 download kostenlos vollversion deutsch. Read More