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HR 2764, 2008 federal pay raise, Troop Withdrawl and Moving In God We Trust

Why are bills so mismatched, HR2764 Just signed in to law has something for everyone.  Get the troops out of Iraq, relocate the words "In God We Trust" on this years 6 state quarters, and a pay raise for federal Read More

Stephen Colbert for President in 2008 only if He Pries the Inaugural Bible From My Cold Dead Hands

After Stephen Colbert tried to defeat me in the race for the title of Greatest Living American, and failed, how does he expect that I am going to concede my birth right to be President to him?  Sure he is Read More

Comparing the candidates for Greatest Living American

Comparing the candidates for Greatest Living American: A completely biased look at Brandon Wirtz and Stephen Colbert. Stance on Bears: Stephen Colbert has announced on multiple occasions that he is a Hater of Bears, all Bears, but especially Polar Bears. Read More

Grammy Night Reunites "The Police" and Gives Props to the Dixie Chicks

The 49th annual Grammy Awards, held last night (Sunday, February 11th) in Los Angeles, kicked off as expected with a heavily hyped performance by the reunited Police. But the show was all about the Dixie Chicks, whose five wins, including Read More