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Interview with Video Production Professional Brett Putman

Brett Putman is a young video production professional living in San Francisco. Lately, he’s been obsessed with post-production. Although, most of his background has been in studio and field video production, while currently falling in love with After Effects snapchat Read More

The Night I Almost Ran Over Bob Barker’s Right Foot

Before I became a successful comedy writer I didn’t have a car.  I took the bus everywhere.  During that time I became a member of the Hollywood Junior Chamber of Commerce (The Hollywood Jaycees), in the hopes somehow I might Read More

Gavin MacDonald DEAD, Morgan Stanley Head of M&A dies at 47

Gavin MacDonald, head of mergers and acquisitions for Morgan Stanley died Fright night due to a heart attack at age 47. Gavin MacDonald based in London spent his career as the Morgan Stanley deal maker starting in 1983 and recently Read More

Nancy Ritter death controversy of John Ritter

 Nancy Ritter, the former wife of John Ritter went through a terrible time as her husband fought with death. The death trial according to Nancy Ritter was not justified microsoft word 2007 kostenlosen ohne anmeldung. The proceedings of the events Read More