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Neil Leifer: Ballet in the Dirt: Baseball photography of the 1960s and 70s (Hardcover)

Nostalgic for a time when Baseball wasn’t all about performance enhancing drugs?  When it was still a metaphor for what life should be.  If you hurry you can still get one of the 1000 limited copies of Ballet in the Read More

Where are the cool PC designs?

  It’s a little scary how many times I think of writing something and Long has a similar post about the same time herunterladen. This time it’s on Vista hardware. Like him, I’m somewhat disappointed that we’re still seeing beige Read More

Avenue Q Review – The Best Simulated Muppet Sex I have seen since I was in grade school

Avenue Q is not for everyone.  While most of the songs have an overall good message, like “Everyone’s just a little bit racist”, and “Sucks to be me” , other songs like “The Internet is for Porn” might not resonate with Read More

Short links roundup

Xeni Jardin: 9/11-themed machinima terror-rotica: Link, another Link canon bilder von kamera herunterladen. Flesh, by Edouard Salier. (mildly NSFW, some stylized CGI nudity) I don’t know that I’m a fan of it, or not, just fascinated that it exists and Read More

No Matter How Sane They Seem…Why Online Dating has the same number of Crazies as Offline.

My mom thinks that Online Dating is only for losers and psycho’s.  I would say not JUST loser’s but the rest of us to.  A recent offline romance tale in the news reminded me of this herunterladen. You meet a Read More