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21 December 2012 doomsday or awakening?

There are a lot of people who believe in predictions and soothsayers. Some do not believe them blindly but do not brand them as utter rubbish either spotify nur ├╝ber wlan herunterladen. For firm believers in these concepts, a forthcoming Read More

MakeItRightNola.org Project to Benefit the Lower 9th Ward

MakeItRightNola.org or Make it Right 9 is a Project to “revitalize” and “rebuild” a section of New Orleans.  It is backed by Brad Pitt.  And it is really just a way to make developers rich herunterladen. MakeItRightNola.org is a project Read More

Short links roundup

Xeni Jardin: 9/11-themed machinima terror-rotica: Link, another Link canon bilder von kamera herunterladen. Flesh, by Edouard Salier. (mildly NSFW, some stylized CGI nudity) I don’t know that I’m a fan of it, or not, just fascinated that it exists and Read More