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How to Get a Good Job with Out the College Degree: Industry Certifications

The impact of technology in our lives has grown exponentially over recent years. The demand for better, faster, more productive software and hardware equipment has increased the need for more experienced and better qualified IT (Information Technology) specialists. These IT Read More

Learn about education and scholarships in the Computer and Information technology industry

Are you interested in learning about the computer and information technology industry? opportunities for furthering your education learn to drive? common pitfalls students make in completing their scholarship applications? how to put scholarship applications ahead of the competition whatsapp status Read More

Microsoft one vote short of fast-track OOXML ISO standardization (Ryan Paul/Ars Technica)

how can I follow netflix Microsoft one vote short of fast-track OOXML ISO standardization  —  Executive board members of the International Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS), the organization that represents the United States in ISO standardization deliberations, recently held Read More