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Disney Channel.com ScavengerSweepStakes is kicking off and you could win!  The Disney Channel is combining Hannah Montana, Suite Life Ondeck, and Wizards of Waverly Place to create an awesome Scavenger Hunt Sweepstakes.  Just watch the Disney Channel Starting July 17th Read More

Google Closer to Break Even on YouTube.com Not Losing 1.6M a Day

David Silversmith has a history of making bombastic headlines that are so far from the truth, backed by numbers that are no where near a whole picture, but this one is probably the one furthest from the truth I have Read More

Grandcentral.com becomes Google.com/Voice

www.Google.com/Voice has gone live as replacement for Grandcentral.com.  while many of the features are staying the same, the ability to forward your calls to multiple phones, ability to make outgoing calls from your Virtual Number snipping tool kostenlosen. What’s new Read More