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Internet Explorer 8 Final: The Last IE You’ll Ever Have?

Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP, Vista, 2008, and Windows 7 Beta will be released at Noon today (3/19/09).  Possibly if you believe the rumors the last version of IE which will ever be released. IE8 is by far the Read More

How to Reset Internet Explorer Configuration Settings if IE is broken

If you suspect that you have a virus, or Malware, and your Internet Explorer is not rendering pages correctly, or is slow, or you are getting a Google Error that “We’re sorry but… ….your query looks similar to automated requests Read More

A How to Guide: Microsoft Windows Media Video 8, and DivX

A How to Guide: Microsoft Windows Media Video 8, and DivX By Brandon Wirtz bwirtz@griffin-digital.com This document has now been expanded in to a full fledged book and multimedia presentation.  To find out more visit my Digerat.com page here An Read More

Windows 98 Optimization Guide (Tricks Tips and Tweaks)

Windows 98 Optimization Guide: This tweak guide was written for advanced users. Smart users, who change one of these settings at a time, will find it useful… Those of you, who change all of these settings and then reboot, will Read More

Speechless is not a synonym for Least Talked about

Mary Jo Foley is not wrong, the Vista WOW and Speechless campaigns are among the worst ad campaigns I have seen. It misses one of the first rules of advertising.  "Know your Killer App"  and if you have 30 know Read More

Internet Explorer 7 Available without Windows Genuine Advantage, Is Microsoft Soft on Piracy?

Microsoft is announcing that they are releasing IE7 with out the requirement for Genuine Advantage.  This could be any of several moves.  a. Microsoft has decided that browser vulnerabilities are more important to combat than piracy, and so has set Read More

Microsoft, Eolas settle big patent dispute (Updated) (Todd Bishop/Todd Bishop’s Microsoft Blog)

Microsoft, Eolas settle big patent dispute (Updated)  —  Microsoft and Eolas Technologies Inc. have settled their high-profile patent dispute over technology in Internet Explorer, according to a letter to Eolas shareholders from Mark Swords, the company’s chief operating officer. Source: Read More

Get the Adobe Flash Player 9 Beta with H.264 Support

Warning this is not an “easy” install.  In fact it is down right complex. Download the uninstaller Open the Windows Command Prompt ( Run > cmd ). Navigate to the directory where the uninstaller was downloaded. Run “uninstall_flash_player.exe /clean.” Then Read More