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Internet with no phone service or cable provider

Jake writes about how to get Internet with no Phone: Piggybacking Internet service as DSL over a phone line or high speed cable service are the two easiest ways to have Internet access, although they aren’t the only solutions. Depending Read More

How To Set Up a Wired or Wireless Home Network Using Windows

The variety of options for home networking can make buying decisions difficult. Before you decide what hardware to get, you should decide what type of network technology (the way computers in a network connect to or communicate with one another) Read More

www.verizon.net/updates Verizon TOS Reserves the Right To Terminate Your DSL and Provide FiOS

Verizon Internet Access Service Terms of Service ("TOS"). Please visit www.verizon.net/updates or look under the Announcements section of Verizon Central to review the revised TOS, as well as the announcement summarizing the primary changes. These changes will be effective as Read More