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Assassin’s Creed Personal Vendetta Gives Achievement for Killing Every Last Christian

Call Jack Thompson, Jesse Jackson, and the Pope, this isn’t just an assault on morals, it is an assault on the Church.  Be rewarded for killing Christian leaders. "Our story follows a disgraced master Assassin (ALTAIR) who embarks on an Read More

Op-Ed from the Toledo Blade Proposes Taking Away your Second Amendment Rights, and your Guns

Dan Simpson is a scared old man who after years in Government has forgotten what the Government was formed to protect us from. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the Read More

Jack Thompson Vs. Bill Gates

This is an open letter from Jack Thompson to Bill Gates.  All I can say is Jack Thompson is the worst sort of person, pushing his agenda using a tragedy. After no games violent or otherwise were found in Cho Seung Read More