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Sheryl Sandburg Moves to Facebook Google Fumes

 You must have seen that the concept of social online networking has taken the world by storm. People from all age group, religion and country are using this form of networking and building communities for catering to their own needs. Read More

Vanity Fair (Re) Discovers Tech

You know things are getting downright frothy when Vanity Fair rediscovers technology and starts giving way too much attention to technology titans by including them in its annual New Establishment list. The bible of frivolous has out done itself this Read More

Brandon Wirtz Invented Face Book

In case you were wondering who invented Face Book?  It was ME Brandon Wirtz inventor of Facebook but not FaceBook.com that was someone else.  But back in 1996 I was about to graduate High School, and was on year book Read More

Who Founded Facebook? A New Claim Emerges (John Markoff/New York Times)

Who Founded Facebook?  A New Claim Emerges  —  Mark Zuckerberg is considered the founder of Facebook, the popular social networking Web site estimated to be worth upward of $1 billion.  —  Three Harvard classmates, the founders of ConnectU, have long Read More