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I’m Rolling Back From Vista to Windows XP SP3 Maybe You Should too.

Mary Jo Foley at ZD Net is reporting that XP Service Pack 3 is available in it’s final release candidate. Microsoft has begun posting XP SP3 RC documentation to its Microsoft Download site, which is open to the general public. Read More

Speechless is not a synonym for Least Talked about

Mary Jo Foley is not wrong, the Vista WOW and Speechless campaigns are among the worst ad campaigns I have seen. It misses one of the first rules of advertising.  "Know your Killer App"  and if you have 30 know Read More

Google Apps, Ajax Windows, Silverlight and Software as a Service (SAS)

Greg Sterling posted about Microsoft’s response to CapGemini rallying behind Google Apps. Microsoft responded to the announcement of CapGemini support for Google Apps yesterday with a statement and a list of questions about Google Apps for the Enterprise — or Read More

Open Season On Microsoft Office

Earlier today IBM (IBM) threw its weight behind the Open Office project, a move that will give the open source productivity suite some much needed support in the enterprises. And if that wasn’t enough, now Google (GOOG) has upped the Read More