Recipes for Confections

CONFECTIONS “Sweet meats, messengers of strong prevailment in an unhardenedyouth.”                                                        –SHAKESPEARE lieder kaufen und downloaden. TO BLANCH ALMONDS. Put them into cold water, and allow it to come to a boiling point;then remove the skins, and throw them into cold Read More

Recipes for Cakes

CAKES. “With weights and measures just and true,Oven of even heat,Well buttered tins and quiet nerves,Success will be complete.” In making cake, the ingredients used should be of the bestquality–the flour super-fine, and always sifted; the butter fresh andsweet, and Read More

Recipes for Fancy Puddings

PUDDINGS “The proof of the pudding lies in the eating.” APPLE PUDDING.  MRS. G. H. WRIGHT. Six good-sized apples, stewed and well beaten; six eggs, beatenseparately; one pint of sweet cream; sweeten and flavor to taste.Bake with an under crust.  Read More