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JCP.com/StoreAds JC Penny’s Black Friday Specials

JC Penny’s has made Black Friday an Institution.  They were one of the first companies to offer the Door-Buster sales, and they have one of the largest selections of discounts for after Thanksgiving sales. Clothing & Apparel Adonna Cozy Robes Read More

Speechless is not a synonym for Least Talked about

Mary Jo Foley is not wrong, the Vista WOW and Speechless campaigns are among the worst ad campaigns I have seen wie schnell kann die ps4 downloaden. It misses one of the first rules of advertising.  "Know your Killer App"  Read More

Nike Won’t Mess with Texas

Recently Nike added the option to custom create your own version of the Nike Air Turbulence. At first I was impressed with the ability to create my own shoe with custom color combinations from awesome to ugly herunterladen. While the Read More