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Ultimate Steal: Get Microsoft Software Cheap, no Promo Code Required

Enter your university/college email address. If eligible, you will receive an email to purchase. Click on the link in the email to access the store. Purchase your license/product key. Add back-up media to your order (optional). Checkout and download Microsoft Read More

Short links roundup

Xeni Jardin: 9/11-themed machinima terror-rotica: Link, another Link. Flesh, by Edouard Salier. (mildly NSFW, some stylized CGI nudity) I don’t know that I’m a fan of it, or not, just fascinated that it exists and evidently floats some people’s boats. Read More

No Matter How Sane They Seem…Why Online Dating has the same number of Crazies as Offline.

My mom thinks that Online Dating is only for losers and psycho’s.  I would say not JUST loser’s but the rest of us to.  A recent offline romance tale in the news reminded me of this. You meet a woman Read More