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Spotify a Legal P2P Music Service, if you don’t live in the US

Spotify is a new P2P Streaming Music Service, from the creators of uTorrrent.  The Free-Ad Supported service is only available to those in the UK, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Spain and France detect and videos. The service seems to have a Read More

In-Flight Broadband Gets A Speed Boost

Imagine making Skype calls, in full duplex, while sitting in the comfort of your first-class cabin seat 30,000 feet above the Atlantic herunterladen. Or passing the time on that red-eye downloading files directly from BitTorrent. Both may soon be possible, Read More

Peer to Peer (p2p) is the New Red Herring Threat to National Security

“Idiot at Pentagon mistakingly shares confidential documents on Napster” Fear Uncertainty and Doubt or FUD as it is so lovingly referred to by people with brains, is a favorite weapon of Fortune 500 companies, governments, and mothers.  When the Nazi’s Read More