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Blue Mountain Dew Voltage may prevent Alzheimer’s and Spinal Injuries

Besides having that great “Blue Raspberry” flavor, it is likely that Blue Mountain Dew (Officially known as Mountain Dew Voltage) may prevent Alzheimer’s, Spinal Injuries and improve concentration, making it an ideal drink for college kids. Mountain Dew Voltage has Read More

Stealing Music made popular in blogs this week, and alternatives to Paying full price for iTunes or Zune downloads

I have read several articles outlining ways to rip music from CD’s and then selling them back to used CD stores.  The Problem is this isn’t legal.  If you want cheap music for your iPod or cheap songs for your Read More

Did Club Penguin Sell-Up or Sell-Out? (GigaOM)

Carleen Hawn talks on GigaOM about Disney’s purchase of Club Penguin, a Second life like game for Kids 8 to 16. Did Club Penguin Sell-Up or Sell-Out?  ?  “I’m just as impressed as everyone else by Disney’s announcement yesterday that Read More