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Post SESTA-FOSTA: AI Enables Freedom of Speech by Understanding Context

Can cook, and doesn’t resist sex. Feel free to enjoy your massage free of the towel if you choose, and enjoy a warm assisted shower after.

None of the words in the above copy say that the massage place is going to touch your penis, nor that they are going to hop in the shower naked with you, but that is what is implied.

Hacker News Change To Comment System Reminiscent of What Killed Digg

Information Technology – Digg 4.0 In 2010 Digg made a decision to move away from MySQL because it was increasing difficulty of building a high performance, write intensive application on a data set that is growing quickly without an end sight. Mission statement: “Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web.

Launch Hackathon 2013: Not an Experience I Would Repeat

To my knowledge it is the only such toy that actually used voice interaction to work with in world books. I took names of 12 people who want to order our bear, one was a security guard, and one was part of the cleaning staff. To me that was success. I did hope to get better networking, and to be able to tell a good story to the press.