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Is Your Brand Advertising On Porn Sites? Buying On AdRoll? You Might Not Even Know

While investigating click fraud on a client’s behalf I discovered that they weren’t being defrauded exactly, just that they were advertising places they didn’t realize. It’s not that the client did anything wrong. Just that by advertising with a less Read More

How To Pick A WordPress Theme: #SEO

blackwaterops.com will help you judge the SEO of an of the themes available through WordPress “Extend” at wordpress.org. While SEO is not the only measure of a theme, it is an important one.

Virtual Interview: CTO / VP of Engineering, SEO / SEM, Enterprise IT, Camp Director

This is an introduction to a virtual interview of me. I created this as part of a CV for various positions I’m considering, but also as a technology demo for several other “pathed” Youtube guides I am looking to create Read More