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Sheryl Sandburg Moves to Facebook Google Fumes

 You must have seen that the concept of social online networking has taken the world by storm. People from all age group, religion and country are using this form of networking and building communities for catering to their own needs Read More

Facebook is the first Web 3.0 company with a billion plus dollar valuation.

If Facebook is worth $15 billion, and Myspace is $65 billion XYHD.tv is worth $571k.  The math would seem simple.  If Facebook has 42 million users and you calculate the value of a user to be 15billion divided by 42million Read More

US launches ‘MySpace for spies’ (Demetri Sevastopulo/Financial Times)

kalenderen 2020 US launches ‘MySpace for spies’  —  Spies and teenagers normally have little in common but that is about to change as America’s intelligence agencies prepare to launch “A-Space”, an internal communications tool modelled on the popular social networking Read More

Scool boards: The Internet is safe and we should use it more

Cory Doctorow: National School Boards Association (a nonprofit that represents 95,000 US school-board members) did a comprehensive study of students’ experiences with the Internet, especially with social networking sites fortnite auf ps vita herunterladen. They determined that the much-touted risk Read More