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Stephen Colbert for President in 2008 only if He Pries the Inaugural Bible From My Cold Dead Hands

After Stephen Colbert tried to defeat me in the race for the title of Greatest Living American, and failed, how does he expect that I am going to concede my birth right to be President to him?  Sure he is Read More

Video and photos of rocketbelt conference

Mark Frauenfelder: Mac Montandon is writing a book about the history of jetpacks, due to be published by Da Capo Press next year. He wrote the following report for Boing Boing. Well, the convention was, of course, totally fun. I Read More

YouTube wants to depose Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart (Greg Sandoval/CNET News.com)

YouTube wants to depose Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart  —  Let’s see how funny Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are on the witness stand.  —  The two comedians are apparently being dragged into the copyright fight between their employer and Google.  Read More

Official Press Release About My Candidacy

Man Competes with Stephen Colbert for Greatest American Title April 27, 2007 – Mountain View, CA. Brandon Wirtz–a Microsoft employee in Mountain View, California–is competing with comedy legend Stephen Colbert for the title of “Greatest Living American.” Wirtz was previously Read More

Comparing the candidates for Greatest Living American

Comparing the candidates for Greatest Living American: A completely biased look at Brandon Wirtz and Stephen Colbert. Stance on Bears: Stephen Colbert has announced on multiple occasions that he is a Hater of Bears, all Bears, but especially Polar Bears. Read More