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Microsoft Pushing People to Google’s Crappy Video

Today I went to MSN.com and saw this Headliner "TV’s Most Disgusting Ad?"  which linked to Slate which while owned by the Washington Post, is part of the MSN Network.  In the Slate Article, embedded smack dab in the middle Read More

The critical buzz on Lonelygirl15 and Lollapalooza.

RIP Lonelygirl15. Religious cultists killed Bree, the star of the YouTube hoax-turned-Web soap, in its 12-part season finale, which posted Friday. The New York Times’ Virginia Heffernan, long captivated by the character, sighs, “The first full-fledged online-video series moved fast, Read More

Jack Thompson Vs. Bill Gates

This is an open letter from Jack Thompson to Bill Gates.  All I can say is Jack Thompson is the worst sort of person, pushing his agenda using a tragedy din kostenlos herunterladen. After no games violent or otherwise were found Read More