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Internet with no phone service or cable provider

Jake writes about how to get Internet with no Phone: Piggybacking Internet service as DSL over a phone line or high speed cable service are the two easiest ways to have Internet access, although they aren’t the only solutions. Depending Read More

www.governmentmoneyclub.com Get Free Money From the US Government with Mathew Lesko

Mathew Lesko is a great guy.  His site www.governmentmoneyclub.com is every bit as good as it is advertised to be.  Mathew Lesko you would likely recognize with his brightly colored suit covered in question marks, which I always found ironic Read More

Counterfeit Cisco Router May Be Backdoor Into FBI

DonkeyOnAWaffle.com is hosting a Powerpoint file which even if fake outlines a very real possibility in which fake Cisco Routers could be used to gain access to sensitive areas of US Government networks. Through reverse engineering, or simply purchasing chips Read More

Autism, ADHD, and the Silicon Valley Savant Syndrome (Asperger’s syndrome)

Asperger’s Syndrome has a lot of names, but the symptoms are the same, bright and intelligent children with social anxiety bordering on anti-social behavior that amaze and astound in so many math, spatial relations, or music fields but have trouble Read More