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Short links: faster than an Idaho senator’s airport bathroom funtime

Wonderful photoset of photos from the Calfornia ghost town called Bodie. Link. Above, a decaying ’37 Chevy. NYT editorial on Matt and Trey’s groundbreaking South Park profit-share deal with Viacom: Link. A must-read. Watershed moment here, guys. Lost in translation: Read More

YouTube wants to depose Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart (Greg Sandoval/CNET News.com)

YouTube wants to depose Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart  —  Let’s see how funny Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are on the witness stand.  —  The two comedians are apparently being dragged into the copyright fight between their employer and Google.  Read More

Economics of the Viacom vs YouTube suit

Viacom is suing YouTube for 1 billion dollars.  That is Billion with a B.  Based on the 160,000 copyright violations and 1.5 billion views of those uploads, this seems a bit large.  That would allege that each viewer of the Read More