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In-Flight Broadband Gets A Speed Boost

Imagine making Skype calls, in full duplex, while sitting in the comfort of your first-class cabin seat 30,000 feet above the Atlantic herunterladen. Or passing the time on that red-eye downloading files directly from BitTorrent. Both may soon be possible, Read More

IBM and Microsoft launch battling unified comms packs (John Oates/The Register)

robot karol download kostenlos mac IBM and Microsoft launch battling unified comms packs  —  IBM and Microsoft are both launching unified communications bundles – software which will allow management of email, VoIP calls, instant messaging, and video conferencing.  —  IBM’s Read More

Video Conference from Windows Mobile

Now you can video conference while Driving!!!!   I photo blogged once while driving… video conferencing seems slightly riskier.   I’m going to get Jake to install it as I have no phone capable of such shenanigans… if you do you can Read More